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We are the preeminent professional development, learning and networking community for instrumental music teachers.

We help teachers develop their teaching and business expertise so they can ignite a lifelong love of music in their students while enjoying a smooth studio business (that doesn’t run them!).

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Since 2016, TopMusicPro has helped thousands of music teachers re-connect with today’s busy, overscheduled music students. We provide you with resources, guidance and expertise empowering you to create more meaningful music lessons.

Whether you are a new teacher wanting to start a music teaching studio, or a seasoned educator looking to refresh your approach, TopMusicPro membership is the key to unlock the creative teaching tools, business advice and support you need to become a more confident teacher and savvy studio owner.

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Advancing Pianists Course

Advancing Pianists Course If you’re starting to teach advanced students but are not confident in your ability, this course is for you! Janna demonstrates how……

Teaching Online Lessons

Embark on a journey to become a virtuoso in online piano instruction!

Upbeat Moms

How to balance family life and running your own music education business.

Technology Boot Camp

Welcome! Thank you so much for joining the Upbeat Piano Teacher Webinars! We’re glad you’re here! Frequently Asked Questions When can I watch the videos?……

The Ultimate Guide to Challenges

21 Challenges You Can Use With Your Students Every Time They Shout Out “I’m Done”

Get More Students

Effective Strategies to Get More Piano Students and Grow Your Teaching Business

Teaching Popular Music by Ear

Incorporating Songs from YouTube into Your Curriculum

Engaging with Teens

Discover the secrets behind engaging your teen piano students.

Playing with Preschoolers

Discover techniques and strategies for teaching piano to preschoolers.

Group Lessons 101

Strategies for group learning with the Upbeat Piano teachers

Winning With Group Guitar Teaching

Learn everything you need to successfully run a group guitar lesson program at your studio.

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Using TopMusicPro has opened up my world and helped me to become the piano teacher I always wanted to be.

– Kara Hess

I have become a more organised and thoughtful teacher. The quality of my teaching has definitely deepened.

– Christina McDonough

The biggest thing I have gotten out of TopMusicPro is the affirmation that I am on the right track.

– Catherine Falce

Tim has built a global community of piano teachers. When you become part of this community, you feel empowered.

– Rebekah Maxner

Because of TopMusicPro, I feel a lot more enthused about my teaching and writing. What you get from it far outweighs what you have to pay.

– Darren Day

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