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Strategies for teaching improvisation to beginners

by Tim Topham

When it comes to teaching improvisation to beginners, many piano teachers shy away. They either reserve that activity for more advanced students or they don’t do it at all. I’m here to explain why and how you should teach your beginner piano students to improvise. Note: This blog was first posted in 2012, but the ... Strategies for teaching improvisation to beginners

04/22/2024 Read more

How To Teach Songwriting to Your Piano Students

by Tim Topham

So your piano student wants to write their own music. How can you help them?

03/18/2024 Read more

5-Step Composition Process Template

by Timz Fojas

Composing with students is a great way to embrace their creativity, encourage them to put their music theory into practice, and to appreciate music from the perspective of the composer.

03/06/2024 Read more

Easy Christmas Lead Sheets

by Tim Topham

Playing Christmas carols is a rite of passage for many piano students. But it can become monotonous to hear the same pieces played in the same way over and over again! Encourage your students to create their own arrangements of these festive favourites, using the lead sheets as a starting point. Grab this download of ... Easy Christmas Lead Sheets

09/25/2023 Read more

5 No-Prep Music Games For Your Music Lessons

by Georgina Wilson

Music games can be an absolute game-changer in music lessons. Sometimes you need a music game that requires no (or very little) prep that you can call on quickly.

08/14/2023 Read more

3 Reasons To Play Games To START Your Music Lessons

by Georgina Wilson

When you think about playing music games in your lessons, you possibly think about leaving them until the end of the lesson. They act as a reward for work well done. Something to look forward to. But what about reversing that process and using them at the START of the lesson?

08/07/2023 Read more

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7 Reasons To Play Music Games During Your Lessons

by Georgina Wilson

When it comes to music lessons, you want to cram in as much learning as possible. Thinking about fitting in a music game is just out of the question. But after reading these seven reasons, you'll be re-planning your lessons to fit in one or two...

07/26/2023 Read more

10 Ways Creativity Helps Music Teachers And Students

by Tim Topham

You've probably heard us talk a lot about creativity when it comes to music lessons. But have you ever stopped to think about the benefits of being creative for both the music teacher and their students?

07/17/2023 Read more

Teaching Music Lessons In 2023

by Tim Topham

The world has changed since you first started taking music lessons. Discover what's working (and what's not working) in music lessons in 2023.

06/12/2023 Read more

9 Reasons Why Playing Lead Sheets is Essential for Piano Students

by Tim Topham

Piano lead sheets are a great tool to create all-round musicians.

05/04/2023 Read more

Lead Sheets: A Piano Teacher’s Guide

by Georgina Wilson

Lead sheets open up a whole new world of music for our students. But if they're not in your piano teacher toolkit it can be tricky knowing where to start. Let us help you!

05/01/2023 Read more

27 Easy Chord Progressions

by Tim Topham

Chord playing is one of the most engaging, motivating and fun activities for piano students

04/03/2023 Read more