TC197: The Truth About Family Life and Piano Teaching with Rosemarie Penner Pt. 2

EPISODE 197 - The truth about family life and piano teaching with Rosemarie Penner

EPISODE 197 - The truth about family life and piano teaching with Rosemarie Penner

This episode is the second part of my conversation with Rosemarie Penner on balancing family life and piano teaching.

Rosemarie unpacks her top tips for time-saving technology in studio management. Plus, she’s also giving us a rundown of the apps she can’t live without! If you are a teacher treading in the world of online teaching at the moment, what Rosemarie shares will be very useful for your studio right now.

In this episode, she also shares a big change she’s planning for her studio and two books that have made a big difference in her personal and professional life.

Missed the first part of this conversation?

Listen to Episode 196 with Rosemarie, part 1

In part 1, we talked about avoiding burnout, setting realistic expectations, creating healthy routines, communicating with family and keeping track of the things you have to do. You’ll especially love hearing about Rosemarie’s Ladder of Priorities which helps her get the right balance in work and life.

Transcript of the Show

If you’d like to download a PDF transcript of this episode, please click below.

In this episode, you’ll learn about apps & tech to help with family life and piano teaching balance:

  • [01:56] What to do with notifications on technology devices.
  • [04:16] Setting rules/policies for parents on texting and emailing on weekends.
  • [06:34] Tips for teaching using technology, systems and apps.
  • [13:00] Preconceived notions and how these can hold you back.
  • [14:22] The big change that’s happening to her studio.
  • [18:00] Two books that have changed her perspective.
  • [22:59] The benefits she’s been getting from the TopMusicPro membership.

Links Mentioned


  • Planboard
  • Google Drive
  • You Record
  • Music Memos
  • Canva



About our Guest

Rosemarie Penner teaches on family Life and Piano Teaching for balance

Rosemarie Penner is an analytical creative… plus online piano teacher and composer at “Must Love Music”! She loves to make learning simple, fun and interactive. When not writing articles (like this one), she enjoys reading and playing video games. For creative ideas and resources, visit Must Love Music.

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Just make sure you try out some of the ideas before they get lost in the business of your next lessons!

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