TC211: The 3-step strategy to successful 30-minute lessons with Julie Duda

TopCast Episode 211 - Julie Duda

TopCast Episode 211 - 30 minute lessons strategy with Julie Duda

Learn how to plan 30 minute piano lessons that are excellent but also seriously fun! Give your students the inspiration and motivation they need, which will also improve retention in your studio.

In our conversation, Julie Duda unpacks her three-point strategy to keep students engaged in lessons both in-person and online. Julie also talks about the resources she created to streamline and fit creative activities into 30-minute length piano lessons.

Transcript of the show about creative 30 minute piano lessons

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In this episode, you’ll learn Julie’s three strategies for fitting creativity into 30 minute piano lessons:

    • [03:28] Julie’s transition from classroom to piano teaching.
    • [07:04] She tells us about her current studio.
    • [11:50] She shares her 3-step strategy for creative 30 minute piano lessons.
    • [13:48] Using games to teach students from multiple levels.
    • [17:15] Applying her strategy to online lessons.
    • [18:30] Julie shows us her lesson folder.
    • [19:11] Using stickers for more than just fun
    • [19:46] Utilising Tonara to help keep track of student activities.
    • [20:44] How she conducts better 30 minute piano lessons.
    • [21:45] Ending her lessons with a system and games like Taco Tuesday.
    • [23:41] Find the perfect students for your studio.
    • [26:30] How to save time in lessons.
    • [28:03] The formula for successful lessons.
    • [31:06] Working with advancing students.
    • [32:14] Her process of cleaning her studio.
    • [34:08] Incorporating kids’ love of sports in lessons.
    • [38:20] Offering Apple Studio field trips to her students.
    • [40:01] Activities she does for student retention.
    • [41:46] Things that have really had an impact on your ability to get where she is now.

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About our Guest

30 minute piano lessons and creativity guest speaker Julie Duda

Julie Duda is a piano studio owner and creator of innovative resources and games for music teachers. Julie’s studio is well-known for personalized, organized and creative piano instruction. Her studio and innovative teaching practices have been highlighted on Wendy Stevens’ blog, Upbeat Piano Teachers and Tonara Studio. Her studio website features over 60 digital resources for music teachers with the best available now on The TopMusicMarketplace.

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