TC231: Trust That Your Impact on Students Is Not Futile

Episode 231 - Trust that your impact on students is not futile

Episode 231 - Trust that your impact on students is not futile

There is nothing more fulfilling as a teacher than knowing that you’ve made an impact on your students’ lives. In this episode with guest Christina Whitlock, we dive deep into how to assess what piano study means to your students, how they feel, and what influence you possess as their teacher. Plus we delve into practical thoughts about burnout and how to prevent it.

Christina Whitlock’s teaching experience ranges from collegiate teaching, to leading a state music teacher club, and in private practice. She’s passionate about creating a positive life impact as a teacher, and networking and helping other fellow teachers. 

Get inspiration on how you can create a lasting effect on your own students today.

  • [02:11] Christina’s story of how she started teaching piano.
  • [07:59] How she taught piano.
  • [10:10] Her current studio and the other roles she’s taking on.
  • [12:42] Her biggest passions as a piano teacher.
  • [14:42] The relationships we can build through teaching piano and how it affects students’ success rates.
  • [19:31] Sharing stories of teachers who have had great influence on their students.
  • [24:33] Why Christina decided to work with and release products for teachers.
  • [26:40] Talking about her podcast for piano teachers, Beyond Measure.
  • [29:34] Topics that she has covered and will cover in the podcast.

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About our Guest

Christina Whitlock operates a lively, independent piano studio in addition to teaching adjunct at Taylor University. Christina is a past state president of the Indiana Music Teachers Association, as well as a frequent speaker, adjudicator, and collaborator. Her passion for celebrating the music teaching profession has recently spilled over into a weekly podcast titled Beyond Measure with Christina Whitlock.

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